Tell Siri to read email from non Apple Mail client

I use Spark as my email client.

I often get long emails that I want Siri to read to me as I walk with my iPhone and AirPods.

However asking Siri to read email pulls up Apple Mail but I want it done via Spark. Even via Apple Mail, Siri seems to just start reading unread email from most recent onwards whereas I prefer to browse and open the email and then have it read to me since I’ve then seen whether the email is long enough to merit Siri reading it to me.

I know there’s Accessibility settings that might hack out a solution but afaik they’re all clunky and inelegant, but if that’s the only option I’m willing to go with it if the setup is mostly seamless.

Anyone have a solution or could point me in the right direction?

Siri is most tightly integrated with the Apple apps. If Spark isn’t providing specific functionality for that, which it isn’t, then you either have to go the Apple way for that app functionality, or go the other Apple way and use the global functionality.

If you really do have long emails, I would suggest it would b worth the effort of getting and passing the content to Voice Dream Reader. In my opinion something with better read back options than Siri; but your mileage may vary.

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Thanks (as always) for the on-point responses, Stephen - I appreciate you!

Will check out Voice Dream Reader.