TaskPaper to Omnifocus

Is there a way to automatically create an Omnifocus project from a TaskPaper file similar to what Rose’s Taskpaper to OF Drafts action can do on iOS?

[ignore this, I missed the macOS tag :joy:leaving this here because it might still be useful for someone]

Yep. All you really need is a combination of the “Get File” and “Add TaskPaper to OmniFocus” actions. :slight_smile:

I wrote an extensive article (or two, actually ) about this. Unfortunately they’re in Dutch, so probably not as helpful. :wink:

If it helps here’s a Shortcut from one of those articles. Variable names are in Dutch, but I think you should be able to follow along.


If you have any variables you can put them in your TaskPaper file between two double percent signs.

For example:

- Call %%client_name%%
- Do task
- Follow up with %%client_name%%

This would ask you for the name of your client and fill it in, in the first and last task.

That’s an iOS solution, but the OP seems to be asking for a MacOS solution.

It should be possible given Omni’s approach to scriptiability, but I’d perhaps start with looking for some OF examples and in things like the AppleScript dictionary; unfortunately I’m not an OF user so I’m not in a position to suggest much more.

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One way to do this on the Mac is just to simply copy/paste the TaskPaper into OmniFocus (in the inbox for example). It will automatically be turned into an OmniFocus project!

Oops, thanks.