Taking Notes on Youtube Video Course


I’m currently doing a course, which is running on youtube. Does anyone have any good techniques or recommendations for taking notes, hopefully with time stamps, and screenshots?


I use Obsidian and Youtube in split screen on iPad. I don’t ever put the time stamps, but probably would just type it. I do take screen shots and made a Shortcut that saves it to the obsidian attachments folder using my naming scheme YYYY-MM-DD title-of-pic.

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If you use chrome, there is a plugin, YiNote, which enables timestamped notes in YouTube that you can export as markdown. It’s a little fiddly, but maybe worth the tweaking for your use case.


Obsidian or Logseq and have a look at Memex for getting the timestamps on the video. It adds a time stamp to the note about the video when you do Cmd + Y when making the note.

If you use chrome,


I found a solution that I like better. If you use Obsidian, check out Media Extended. Bryan Jenks created a great tutorial video.