Take Screenshot action does not work on macOS?

I am trying to make a Shortcut that takes a screenshot, extracts its text, and maybe sets Focus mode or runs automation based on the text. So I started a simple Shortcut with 2 actions (it’s very short so pardon me for not creating a link):

  1. Take (Full Screen) screenshot
  2. Show (Screenshot) in Quick Look

I ran it on my iPhone, and it works. But on macOS, the Quick Look action did not receive anything. The shutter sound played when a screenshot was taken, so I don’t think this action is iOS-only. But nothing happened afterward.

I have CleanShot X installed and disabled the default keyboard shortcuts for the native screenshot app. But while debugging, I quit the app and reset all keyboard shortcuts to the default.

Does anyone have the same problem? I just want to know whether this action is supported on macOS.

I saw some posts on reddit that it broke in the 14.5 update. Hopefully it will be working again in Sequoia