Take photo and save in folder

Hello everybody.

I am able to open camera and take a photo with a simple


but I don’t know how to save it in the library with


and even less in a dedicated folder in documents by readle app.

If someone can help me… Thanks in advance.

First part, try this…

Photos.save(await Photos.fromCamera());

Under Settings > File Bookmarks, there’s an option to bookmark folders. But not all file providers are accessible when the list is displayed. Some are dimmed. For me Documents is dimmed and so it doesn’t look like it could be used as a direct destination.

Less automated, but perhaps consider getting the image to the share sheet and manually select the final destination from there.

Thanks a lot !!! Works as I need.
It’s seems thats all clouds folders are not accessible.
I’m going to try for the shareFolder but little confusing about using this syntaxe with the fisrt code…

What is it that is confusing about the syntax specifically?

Hello, sorry for the delay…

I don’t understand the documentation.
Usually, i’m dealing with javascript :sweat_smile:

How can I mix Photo.save() and ShareSheet.present() ?

Thanks in advance.