Taio - Newcomer app in the IOS automation cirlce

Anyone else here who started to play with Taio?
It’s in Testflight now but I am kind of impressed by the implementation: it’s like a cross between a Drafts (triggers workflows on text documents) and IOS shortcuts itself with a built-in automation interface with actions you can chain up.
It should resonate with the crow here!

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I’m using it. It’s by the JSBox dev so I’m not surprised by how polished it is. He’s great.

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Does this app offer any functionality that Drafts doesn’t already? I’m just trying to understand but it looks like they both do “the same thing”: running JavaScript on text input.

it is limited in it’s features compared to drafts but the actions are a lot easier to create for someone who isn’t a coder. it’s a little more user friendly.

i like it but i am confused by the “clipboard” they keep touting as it’s main feature

I’m a big fan of Drafts but never quite warmed to it as a creative writing environment. I am liking Taio for this, with its clean presentation. Feels more similar to Editorial than to Drafts in my experience, which makes it a very welcome addition to my iOS/iPadOS writing workflow…

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