Sync Trello with Reminders [Shortcut]

Trello has recently updated their Reminder system. It works great! Except on mobile. So, I needed a way to receive better alerts from Trello when a Card was due.

I created a Shortcut that quickly got large and out of hand. I decided to break it up into smaller, more manageable chunks; like modules.

I use a combination of the built in Trello options and Trello API calls. The API calls are necessary to update some information not exposed by the built in Shortcut functionality. If this interests you, you’ll need an API Key and Token to use these. If not, have fun reading anyway!

Note: I have a lot of Func DoWhatever Shortcuts for reuse-ability.

The Shortcuts

  1. Update Trello Cards from Completed Reminders This is where you’ll need the API Key and Token. Marks a Trello Card that has a Due Date as Completed if it has a matching Reminder in your Reminders List.

    a. Func MarkTrelloCardComplete Takes a Card ID as input and marks it as Complete in Trello.

  2. Update Reminders from Completed Trello Cards This is where you’ll need the API Key and Token again. Removes a Reminder from the Reminders List if its respective Trello Card has a Due Date and it is marked as complete.

  3. Add Trello Cards from Reminders This takes any Reminders you’ve added to your Reminders List and adds them as Cards to a Trello List if they don’t yet exist.

  4. Func DeleteIncompleteReminders Wipes out the Reminders List and gets ready for an import from Trello.

  5. Add Reminders from Trello Cards Now, we can safely import Trello Cards that have Due Dates into the Reminders List.

    a. Func AddUniqueReminder Another module I like to reuse that allows me to pass a Dictionary into it and get a unique Reminder created. Add Reminders from Trello Cards relies on this guy.

Hopefully I have all the links straight forward enough so you can add and start using them. They all have Import Questions which should make things a little easier. Have the following handy:

  • The name of the Reminders list to sync with Trello
  • The name of the Trello Board where your List is to sync with Reminders
  • The name of the Trello List from the Board in the above bullet
  • Your Trello API Key
  • Your Trello API Token

I know this seems like a lot to take in, but it’s working pretty good for me. Hopefully someone else can get some use from it. Please let me know if you have any questions; I’m happy to help! Also, please let me know if I didn’t properly scrub my api key and token out of these first! haha!


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Thanks just the shortcut I was looking for. Except when I go to add shortcut 5 it comes up as ‘ Add Trello Cards from Reminders’ instead.

I’ll see If I can’t fix this one up.

Hi there, I have used number 3 (Add Trello Cards from Reminders) and the first time I set it up it was perfect. I set it to import all my new tasks from INBOX reminder list to my INBOX Trello list in my personal planner board. All work perfectly.

However, I then duplicated the shortcut to try to create another one to import from a different reminders list (my shopping list) into my meal plan/shopping list Trello board.

I changed the relevant fields but it doesn’t seem to like it. Any help would be appreciated.