Sync Apple Shortcuts

I have an M2 Mac mini and an M2 MB Air, each running Sonoma 14.1. I have 25 shortcuts on the mini and none on the MBA. I have iCloud sync checked in Shortcuts on both devices. Both are signed into the same iCloud account. How do I get them to sync? I think I’m overlooking something obvious to all but me. Any suggestions?

What happens if you create a new shortcut on the MBA? Does that sync to the mini?

Sometimes adding new shortcuts can reinitialise the sync.


I tried this about 5 hours ago. Still not synced. There is a Shortcuts folder on iCloud Drive but it is empty. Should this folder contain my Shortcuts files?

SOLVED: Finally was able to get sync to work. I turned off Shortcuts sync on iPhone and iPad. I toggled login/out on both Macs. I turned iCloud Drive off/on a few times on each device. Not sure if I was initially too fast with turning everything iCloud-related on/off but it finally worked. @sylumer thanks for your suggestion. :grinning: