SwitchBot and Dyson fans

Hey folks – after hearing how cleverly Rose is using her SwitchBot devices I went out and bought the basic one (ie the thing that pushes a button) and a SwitchBot Hub Mini.

I have managed to get the SwitchBot into HomeKit via Homebridge (although the documentation and set-up is pretty fiddly).

I am trying now to the the SwitchBot Hub Mini to replace the IR controller for my Dyson fan (It’s a Dyson pedestal fan). I just cannot get it to work. Anyone had any luck?

I myself am in an internal struggle if I should get the switch bot hub or a regular IR blaster. Either way, seems like a lot of config work with Homebridge to get it to work.

OK…worked it out. What I discovered was the signal the Dyson remote sends is different for “Off” and “On” so I did a manual set up and now it works great.

@Tom_Bjornebark - happy to walk you through how I did it.

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I’m considering a Dyson fan when it gets hotter this year, glad to know it works! I have the SwitchBot hubs for controlling the curtains which makes it a no brainier to try it out.

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I think you should be fine with the newer fans (the Hub Mini has presets). Mine is pretty old though (might have been the first Dyson fan).

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Thanks you, you are pushing me more and more towards it. I got a Phillips air purifier that I would use the actual button on and a LG TV for the IR. This is surely tempting lol