SwitchBot and Dyson fans

Hey folks – after hearing how cleverly Rose is using her SwitchBot devices I went out and bought the basic one (ie the thing that pushes a button) and a SwitchBot Hub Mini.

I have managed to get the SwitchBot into HomeKit via Homebridge (although the documentation and set-up is pretty fiddly).

I am trying now to the the SwitchBot Hub Mini to replace the IR controller for my Dyson fan (It’s a Dyson pedestal fan). I just cannot get it to work. Anyone had any luck?

I myself am in an internal struggle if I should get the switch bot hub or a regular IR blaster. Either way, seems like a lot of config work with Homebridge to get it to work.

OK…worked it out. What I discovered was the signal the Dyson remote sends is different for “Off” and “On” so I did a manual set up and now it works great.

@Tom_Bjornebark - happy to walk you through how I did it.

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I’m considering a Dyson fan when it gets hotter this year, glad to know it works! I have the SwitchBot hubs for controlling the curtains which makes it a no brainier to try it out.

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I think you should be fine with the newer fans (the Hub Mini has presets). Mine is pretty old though (might have been the first Dyson fan).

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Thanks you, you are pushing me more and more towards it. I got a Phillips air purifier that I would use the actual button on and a LG TV for the IR. This is surely tempting lol

Hey, I also recently bought a switch bot hub mini as well. Could you tell me how to manually set it up with the dyson fan? Mine is also an older model, TP00 or TP01 if im not wrong.

Thanks so much for your help

ah ok - it’s been a while! If I recall correctly, you do this from the Switchbot iOS app.Once you have added the Hub Mini, add another device and select IR Appliances. Choose Others and then follow the steps. Like I said, make sure you have an ON button and and OFF button.

Hrm doesn’t seem to be working for me.

Did you manage to get the Switchbot Hub mini to register other functions as well besides turning it off/on such as swing and fan speed control?

I would avoid Dyson products, for reasons that are outside the scope of this forum… :slight_smile:

I did not. I really wish I’d written down the full steps now…as it took a while to work it out. That said, I remember this page helped.

Oh now I’m intrigued.

All I can say is that the reasons are political.

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