Swapping Gsuite to Fastmail

So I bought G suite when I got my domain for email but now I’m considering moving to fastmail and my question is, what happens to my logins for Youtube and Maps mainly. If I cancel Gsuite I’d lose those as well and all the history that goes with them.

How have other people handled this?

Don’t cancel Gsuite. Just change the MX records and the Google account still works, you just won’t check your email through Gmail. I did the same with a iCloud custom email domain.

I think the point is, is he then only to keep convenient access to historical data for Gsuite apps outside of Gmail, or is there a way to downgrade to a free account retaining that historical data in-situ?

Ah, I have the free Apps for your Domain. Surely there’s a FAQ for account retention after cancelling paid services? Or start cancelling and read all the warnings?

Yeah I’m not interested in paying for a service simply to keep the historical data. Especially when a free account will give me the same access.

I’ll see what happens when I start cancelling things.

If you wanted a ‘backup’, remember to use Google Takeout. You might even be able to import it into a regular account?

Once your Fastmail is set up, the easy way to transfer all your historic email across is to set up a mail client to access both of them via IMAP. Then just drag the messages from the folders of the old account to folders in the new account. Mac Mail works well for this.

Unfortunately that’s addressing old e-mail, and not the YouTube and Google Maps history, etc. which is what the question is about.