Such a newb.. AppleScript in TextExpander to use clipboard to move a table

I have a table I can copy and paste from on the web, which gives a structure that pastes fine into a spreadsheet. I think it’s something like:
firstname /tab lastname /tab email /newline

I have another web based interface that I want to get these users into. I can enter those with keystrokes of:
firstname /tab lastname /tab email /tab firstname2 … etc

Pasting with the usual clipboard doesn’t work, but this seems like a fairly simple thing to script… maybe?
I started playing around with some code someone was using to turn a list of items into a table like this, but mine isn’t a flat list (the new lines separate things), so it didn’t work out of the box.
I have some basic programming knowledge and some basic text expander knowledge, but almost zero applescript understanding.

Is this as easy as I think? And if so, can someone help me figure it out quickly? :slight_smile: