Struggling with a Shortcut for Apple-curated playlists

It’s straightforward to make a shortcut with a convenient menu of playlists from my Music Library (using the “Get Playlist” action). But this only works for playlists that have been added to my library.

I don’t like adding too many of the playlists that are curated by Apple (e.g. “The A-List: Blues”) to my Library, because then all the songs are in my library, and I’m often using the Apple-curated playlists just for exploring.

The only way I can see to make a menu of Apple-curated playlists that are not in my library is by opening the playlist in Apple Music and repeatedly hitting the “Play” button until it turns up in Siri suggestions, and then I can add the Siri Suggestion (“Play The A-List: Blues playlist”) to the menu in the Shortcuts app shortcut that I have created (using the “Choose from Menu” AppleScript).

There must be a better way. Is there, for example, a way of using the URL for Apple-curated playlists (generated with the share button in Music) in a “Play playlist” action in Shortcuts?

I haven’t found a way using the URL generated via the share sheet.

Facing the same challenge. Is iOS13 fix this??