Stream Deck Pedal

I bought the SDP as a toy, overall, I’m really liking it. For me, I’m in so many Zoom meetings, that foot control for that app is most helpful.

Instead of creating Application profiles like I do on my regular stream deck, for the pedal, I just have a default profile with one KM macro for each.

My main reason is that I want the pedals to do specific Zoom actions when I am in a meeting, even if another application is active.

Center pedal is for Mute/Unmute. I have set it up with the IF statement that checks for a Window called “Zoom Meeting.” This differentiates from when zoom is running but I’m not in an active meeting:

Then I have a few application specific options for the center pedal that also end the macro and finally a “default” action if none of these if statements are true.

(Not important: I didn’t want to do nested IF statements, because I wanted the logic to be easy to read, so I’m using the “Cancel this macro” action after each if statement. I wonder if there’s an easier way.)

The left pedal toggles Zoom’s speaker/grid view and the right pedal toggles the chat window. those macros activate zoom first. so often I’m in a zoom meeting, but another app is actually active, and I always want it to default to zoom control.

One caveat to the pedal!

I find that it is hard for me to distinguish between the three pedals when I’m wearing shoes (most often Allbirds). Am I the only one who finds myself taking my shoes off, as it’s much easier to feel the different pedals in socks?!?