Strange Eve Switch, Automation behavior

Hi all- Before I trash my otherwise pretty cool Eve Switches, I wanted to see if anyone had thoughts on the issue I’m having (it’s strange). I have 2 Eve Thread Switches, and they were working just fine until about 1 month ago. Each switch is linked to a couple of very basic automations (i.e., Eve switch turns on —-> 2 other scenes activate, etc). About a month ago, I noticed that the Eve switch, when MANUALLY activated, would turn on the wired lights as expected, but the scenes would not activate. Everything still showed as ’connected‘ in the Home App. In fact, if I activated the Eve switch from within the Home App, the scenes would work as expected. The interesting part was, both Eve switches were behaving this way (I have ~80 IoT devices on my network, and the ONLY misbehaving devices were these 2 Eve Switches). I reset both switches, re-engineered the automations (I had to reincorporate the Eve switches back into the Home App because there’s no soft reset option for these switches), and everything worked fine again! Until a few days later, when the same issue cropped up. Over the ensuing weeks, the issue persisted, but the switches would last for shorter periods of time (instead of a few days, the ‘fix’ now only lasts a few hours before needing reset). Eve support was useless. Their ultimate response was ‘well, they’re still connected to the thread network, so they should work’. I tried to look back at firmware/software updates around the time the problems began, but nothing seems to align. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!