Stop Stack interaction in Widget from opening Scriptable App first before going to Url


I have made a widget (iOS 14) that conatins stacks.
The code in the Stacks are set to open urls when interacted with (tappped)

topStack.url = itemTitleUrlSlug

This works.

But before the Url is opened by the browser. The UI will always jump to first, then jump to Safari to open the Url.

I cannot find a setting or code to stop this.
I want the url to open from each stack via safari without going to scriptable first.

I have tried even setting the ‘when interacting’ in the widgets setting UI to ‘Open Url’ and either leaving the url blank and adding an Url. with now luck.

Hopefully someone has an answer.

Many thanks.

It looks like this is an iOS limitation and not a design choice of Scriptable. I’m afraid that you have to accept this short flash of the Scriptable app.

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Thats a bummer. Was hoping that was not the case.
Cannot think of a reason that iOS would have this as a condition?

Maybe Apple thought that a widget will only open the app and nothing else and Scriptable then opens the URL.

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