Starting/stopping Plex on Mac from iOS

When my MBP is at my desk at home, it’s connected to an external HD that contains media. I have a Plex server configured to use that drive, but I don’t always keep the drive mounted or the Plex server running. I’ve set things up so that I can start or stop the Plex server from my iPhone, rather than having to run upstairs to my office when I realize it’s not running. I have done the following:

On the Mac:

Set up 2 actions in Keyboard Maestro: Start Plex and Stop Plex.

  1. Start Plex:
  • Execute shell script: diskutil mount “Media”
  • Run application: /Applications/Plex Media
  1. Stop Plex:
  • Quit “Plex Media Server”
  • Execute script: diskutil unmount “Media”

Each of these is set up with a Shared Web Trigger - this gives you a unique URL on that will execute the macro in question from anywhere.
(See here for details: The URL will return 0 if the action field, or 1 if the action succeeded.

On iOS:

Use Workflow to create 2 actions: Plex On and Plex Off. Each action simply opens the corresponding URL on, which then causes the corresponding macro to run on the Mac.


I have the 2 actions saved as Springboard icons.



I’ve previously used Keyboard Maestro iOS app to start/stop Plex Media Server, but never thought about further automation with Workflow – thanks for the idea!