Starting into Widgets - Guides Broken?


I am trying to get Widgets “going” I have tried the “Daily Quotes” and “F1” examples so far from the website, not much joy. The F1 seems to have an error in the Shortcut and the Quotes seems to be failing to pull data from the server. Before I dig in further I just wanted to check “is this me” / “is this iOS17” / “is there a better example to try to learn from”?

Any assistance appreciated all.


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That’s odd. What error are you getting from those shortcut? I recently updated the “Daily Quotes” shortcut and that should definitely work.

In The “Update Quote Widget” I get: “Invalid Content” “Could not find Quote Content” in the element “Set Quote Widget to Quote Content”

In the “F1 Widget Update” I get: “Invalid Content” “Could not find F1” in the Element “Set F1 to F1”

Have you imported the widgets into Pushcut (copy the JSON, create a new Widget Content and hit the “import” button in the bottom toolbar)?

Yep, I believe I have that step complete…

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Could you try setting the name of those contents to “F1” and “Quote Widget”; respectively?

Ah, that makes sense, I think… I have the MacStories and F1 widgets working, the Daily Quote widget is now running without error but the widget does not update (maybe it needs “more time”).

I was missing that I needed to name the “Target Object” inside Pushcut (the Widget content). Now it makes sense.

Does it update if you open Pushcut after running it?

Yeah, in Pushcut terms what those shortcuts are saying is “Set widget named X to use content named Y with input Z”. I’ll freely admit that this is not wholly intuitive (and it should really import the content with a name…I’ll fix that)

Daly Quotes Shortcut runs without error but the Widget still does not update.

Could you email your Account ID (Account tab → Button in the top left corner → About → Scroll down and tap “Account ID”) to

Hi, sorry, following a long distraction I am getting back into this.

First of all, is this the best place to look for help or should I be looking at email / Discord / Mastodon / other?


He is a developer for the app and has shared an email address to further discuss the issue - that seems to have already covered your question on support channels.