Starting and Stopping Timery timers

What I’m trying to do:

Click a Pushcuts button that:

  1. Turns on do not disturb
  2. Starts a specific timer for a meeting, with dedicated tags, and apply to a specific project (that I get prompted for)
  3. Runs for 60 minutes
  4. Stops timer and turns off DND.

I was able to mostly accomplish this, except instead of starting the timer and letting it run, it just applies it as a time entry. I want the timer to actually run, because that will register on my MacBook Pro and prevent it from prompting me to track my time.

the DND part does appear to work.

Screenshot attached of what I’ve done so far.

One almost perfect (but still manual) manual fix (which I took from @RogerDowning from an earlier post about a similar issue:

  1. Have a separate shortcut to stop the current timer.

  2. Use pushcuts to schedule the notification for the adjusted date.

  3. Click the notification and stop the timer.

It does everything I want except for requiring the manual click.

I would like to know if there’s some way to trigger DND on my Mac based on this same set of automations. Maybe somehow through keyboard maestro?