Start the shortcut without open the shortcut app

i want to add shortcut to my home screen
in icon
but it open the shortcut app
can it start the shortcut without open the shortcut app ?

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No it can’t do that from the home screen. But it is a popular request from what I have seen. Now that Shortcuts is part of the OS, maybe we will see this in a future update?

You can run some shortcuts via Siri and the widget without switching to the app, but some constraints are applicable on what such shortcuts can do - e.g. memory limits, not all actions can be run this way without switching.

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That looks like to be a menu, which is not really related to the original question. But, if you run a shortcut without a menu in it, it would not show a menu.

Sorry. I’m afraid I do not understand what you are asking for or referring to. Hopefully, your question will make more sense to someone else.

have you ever try to open your app and you keep seeing a pop up like this from shortcuts

When you add a shortcut to the home screen you will see that notification to let you know a shortcut has completed execution. The app does not include an option to hide the notification. It is most likely considered a security feature by Apple to show that an automation has run, as not all Shortcuts automations would otherwise indicate they had been executed.

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