Start shortcut at specified time after button press

I want to have an automation where:
After a press a button (like switchbot remote or similar)
At 11.30pm turn on first switchbot bot,
wait 5 seconds (ish) then turn on second switchbot bot.

I’m on iOS, with raspberry pi running hoobs.

I’m thinking a shortcut script would work, but can’t figure out the only start at 11.30pm thing.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Mr_Courtnage and welcome to the Automators forum :slight_smile:

How are you currently set up? Do you already have a working switchbot that triggers an action?
I’m going to make the assumption that you have a few Switchbots which on tap executes a script on several Raspberry Pis.

I would go like this:

  • When pressing the button, add a file button_pressed on your network so that Raspberry Pis can pick it up later.
  • Every day at 11:30 pm, the Raspberry Pis checks if the file button_pressed exists. If the file is absent, the script simply exits. But if it exists, the script executes the work, deletes button_pressed, waits 5 seconds, and passes on the work to the next Raspberry Pi (to be defined how - we’d need more info on your setup to better answer that :slight_smile:)

Hope this can give some inspiration to your project.


Thanks. I just have a raspberry pi running hoobs.

The SwitchBot bots are on their way, but I don’t have a button yet.

I’m a bit of a noob with using a rasp pi and only have hoobs installed.

I’m thinking there must be an Apple shortcuts way of doing it, maybe from converting HomeKit automation into it?

Thanks again!