Start of Week Not Consistent Between Devices

I have a Shortcut that creates a bunch of calendar events that I use during my week planning on Monday morning. The first step is an “Adjust Date” action that gets the start of the week. On my Mac, it correctly chooses Monday as the start of the week. On my iPad/iPhone, it chooses Sunday as the start of the week.

I have the “Start Week On” set to Monday on iOS in Calendar Settings, and “First day of week” set to Monday on my Mac’s Region settings.

Am I missing something on iOS to adjust this? If not, I guess I’ll have to add an IF block to add a day if using iOS, which seems hacky.

So I’ve looked into this, and there is no way to change the start of week on iOS. You can set the pref in the Calendar app, but that only affects the app. Because my region is set to US, my week starts on Sunday. Boo. This is obviously wrong, since Sunday is a weekEND, but I digress.

I added an “If” block to determine the device OS, and if it’s iOS a day is added to the base date before all the calculations. Oh well. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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