Spreadsheet Columns to Things (dates and tasks)

HI! I’ve got a spreadsheet with a bunch of dates in column A and tasks in column B. I’d like to get this into Things 3 on iOS using Shortcuts with the dates as “When” dates and the task names as title. Does anyone have any idea how to do this?



I suggest using the spreadsheet to create a URL scheme for each task and then opening those URLs via Shortcuts. The formula to create the URL scheme in numbers would be something like this:


(Full URL scheme documentation is available here: https://support.culturedcode.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2803573)

Then you copy that new column, and run something like this shortcut: Open Clipboard URLs. In my experience the URL action encodes any characters it doesn’t like, so that should work.

Another approach is to put the data on your clipboard as a CSV and then run something like this shortcut: CSV Clipboard to Things, you need to specify the column numbers for the titles and deadlines on import.

This is amazing! Thanks so much. You’ve saved me hours and hours of time!

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