Spotify Playlist

My new widget automatically creates a Spotify playlist.

It shows the metadata and cover art of a radio station („Radio Retrowelle“) by using the Spotify Search API.
Upon tapping on the widget it opens and plays the song on Spotify. Furthermore it optionally saves every song in a Spotify playlist by using an IFTTT webhook.


Features used in this script (which of course can be copied/reused):

  • gradient background
  • background image transparency
  • Spotify Search Web API (incl. authentication)
  • IFTTT webhook trigger
  • persist files in iCloud (for caching)

The widget caches every Spotify token in order to use it as long as possible (~1 hour). It also caches the album cover to reduce unneeded requests. Caching also avoids adding the same track twice to the playlist.


That is super cool! :star_struck: