Spotify playlist to Apple Music

Hi. Not sure if this has been requested before, sorry if I’m repeating here. Does anyone have a shortcut that takes a Spotify playlist and converts it to Apple Music playlist?

Take a look at option #2 here:

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I use songshift as I didn’t think it was worth doing the app thing for one or two times a year. YMMV


I use SongShift too and it duplicates tracks in my playlists over and over again. Have you seen that at all? Wondering if it’s just my experience.

When it comes to converting Spotify music to Apple music, TunesKit Spotify Music Converter maybe a good option. It is a professional Spotify music converter which can download lots of content like songs, playlists and albums from Spotify for free and remove DRM protection from all of them with high quality. This is just my experience. Maybe you could try their tiral version on their official website namely TunesKit.

Isn’t using software like that directly against the Spotify terms of service?

Whilst I can see conversion and DRM removal having a modicum of acceptance where it is used on something you own (e.g. to create a backup copy for personal use), streaming services are rentals and there is no end user ownership; so I can’t say this basis could equally apply to Spotify.

This basis is only used for personal using instead of business purpose. Though you are a paying user on Spotify, you cannot save your love songs. This software just crack the protection with some technology, so that you can better enjoy all songs.

In some countires, it is legal to remove some DRM from video or audio resources. Before using it, the action is allowed. This software designed just for listening experience. This is just my opinion. Thanks!

Precisely - it’s a streaming service, not a music shop.

I’m not a lawyer, though pretty sure I’ve seen one around here somewhere; but terms of service I believe are a contractual agreement and the presiding laws would be the ones applied for both parties. But the law is a complex beast so perhaps I am wrong?

A quick look at Spotify terms of service - using our service (section 5) indicates that the ownership is indeed not transferred. It then references on to the user agreeing to abide (I guess that would be a binding legal agreement) to their user guidelines (section 9). Parts 1 & 5 I think would directly come into play on and constitute a break in the agreement with the activities described.

Depending on the country you are in, the laws will be different and in most countries a company cannot have terms that supersede the law.

Presumably in those countries the terms of service would change, or the service would not be offered. No?

I still can’t imagine the law of any country supporting copyright infringement of this sort. Licensing vs. ownership is, I believe, a global legal concept.

I recently switched from spotify to Apple music and I used “MusConv Tool” to transfer my playlists. It worked really nicely for me so it is highly recommended.

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I have collected the methods mentioned in the comments and searched for other workarounds. Among all of them I think the Audfree Spotify playlist converter is better. And I am sure it is legal for private use.

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I use the DRmare Spotify Converter to help me move Spotify playlist to Apple Music. It works well. It can keep original Spotify audio files and have more features. Hope it will make more powerful tools in the future.

If you still want to transfer Spotify songs to Apple Music,you can try Tunelf Spotify Music Converter then launch the Apple Music app on your Mac, choose File > Add To Library or File > Import . Move on to locate a Spotify music file or folder, then click Open . If you add a Spotify music folder, all the Spotify music files it contains are added to your library. Or you can also drag a Spotify music file or folder from the Finder to the Music window to import it to Apple Music.

Yes, u can try