Splitting 2 page PDFs

I have two large files of PDFs that need to be split in separate documents. I used automator on the file that needs to have one page per document and that works wonderfully. I then rename the files using Hazel. I also have a large file of PDFs that need to be split into 2 page docs. Any suggestions on how to automate that?

The PDFtk and QPDF command line tools should each be able to do this if used in a loop. They are both freely available online.

Alternatively, if you can split all of your pages with Automator, could you get another Automator automation to combine every pair after splitting? :wink:

Thanks. I’ll try the command line tools.

Automator can easily split docs into single pages and/or put multiple single pages into one doc but I don’t see any way to split into 2 page docs.

Yes! I want to do that as well but I only have iOS and windows.

Anybody know a way to do it on iOS?

On Windows I still use PDFtk and QPDF :wink:

On iOS, you could create a Shortcuts custom shortcut to do this.

Here’s a quick example of grabbing a PDF, splitting it into 2-page versions and viewing it.

It should be pretty straight forward to adapt that to your own needs assuming you have reasonable access to get your PDF as an input and somewhere appropriate to store it as an output (share sheets, in-built iCloud/Dropbox support, etc.)

Hope that helps.

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