Split Screen Icon Shortcut

In the iPad OS 15 beta, there are new actions to open two apps in split view. This is a great new feature that I’m already using. Setting up the splits is super easy (one action).

I’ve created a Shortcut that will search the App Store for two apps and make a split-icon so you can launch your split-screen pairs from the Home Screen!

Here’s what it looks like in practice:

And here’s the Shortcut if you like it…

My next plan is to make a larger Shortcut that can also include stock apps. This shortcut can only search the App Store for icon images


I almost never use split screen, and I’ve mostly given up on Shortcuts (in favor of Scriptable, Drafts, etc.) — but still, this is awesome.

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i just hope that i won’t see

in the apps

i just hate seeing this when i open my apps

So far, if you open one app via a shortcut (like to get a custom icon), you get the silly banner. If you open 2 in split view, you don’t. Weird. But, betas are weird.

ever thought about making a shortcut where you won’t have to see banners after you make your app or without where it said executed ?

Is this not the same as the question you have posted elsewhere on the forum? You do not need to post the same question multiple times, and do try to stick to the topics as it makes it easier for people to find a discussion when they search for it.