Speech.speak() Languages

Is there any way to change the language used by Speech.speak() ? It’s always in English for me and I would like to make it French, and even if possible to switch languages at anytime if needed. Is it possible?

You have to add languages through settings
I’ll walk you through it

settings>accessibility>VoiceOver>Add new language

Scriptable does not use Siri to speak things from what I know… it uses voice over which is very annoying but yea

Thanks for your help but it seems that I can’t find such a thing as what you described. I found voiceover but nothing about adding a language. Plus, the default language of my phone being French, it makes sense that the voiceover default language would be French too, however, it’s English. I hope I am clear enough to be understood.
Anyway, have a good day.

It should be at the bottom of the page- oops

I forgot a step, go to

settings> voice over> **speech**> Add new language

I hope this solved your problem :smile:

Hi, thanks for your help, I got news concerning this.
I found what you were speaking about but sadly it didn’t work. I put it to French and still got an English voice.
However, I changed the app language ( settings > Scriptable > Language ) to German, and the voice used in my script changed to German.
So that’s cool I know how to change language, however, if I want French, I’m pretty sure there’s no French language for the app.
Is there any way to have a French speech even if the app language isn’t French?
Just to be clear, the only language I set for voiceover is French

I think that the only way to accomplish this would be to create a tweak for jailbroken phones smh.
Google translate does something like this, I think I could create an API that could contact google and feed in text and have it output speach? (It is a question since Im not too sure about this)

I don’t know if it is but it at least sounds like a good idea