Spark email and x-callback-url

I probably know the answer to this one but…

I’ve created a shortcut to compose and send an email from Spark (by Readdle). It uses x-callback-url and it works fine.

Howeve, I have a few accounts in Spark and would like to send this email always from the same account.

Is there any way to default the sending email address in shortcuts or in the Spark’s URL?

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No. The URL scheme is pretty limited.

Thought so…


Yep, although I love Spark, sometimes they make a big deal about some features (x-callback-url and Shortcut integration) but its pretty limited and not helpful.

Is there a reason you want to compose directly from Spark?

I run a shortcut to grab data from Airtable and compose an email. On my iOS devices I use Spark and the Gmail app. The latter is not an option for this…so need to go with Spark.

Don’t want to install another email client just for this one email. Using the is also not an option.

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Makes sense. Just wanted to check!