SOLVED! Medication reminder workflow

@RosemaryOrchard, a while back when you had offered to create workflows for people on facebook, you helped me make an intricate workflow that would take the date/time and add several medication reminders per day for several days to the iOS reminders app, which would then be pulled into It was a workflow that was split into 4 or 5 separate workflows that all worked together. I recently lost all my workflows and didn’t realize I hadn’t synced them :sob::man_facepalming:t3:. I can’t find it on the Facebook group now that it’s no longer accessible (that I can find anyway). Do you happen to have that saved or recall that workflow at all? Thanks in advance.

This thread is still in the group, if you’re still in it you can read it.

I must have inadvertently left the group on Facebook so I couldn’t find it to search. When I click on your link, I get the following screenshot:

Try here list of all of @RosemaryOrchard Workflows taken from the FB page.

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I realise that you are trying to become more proficient with automation, like everyone else, but, when it comes to medication reminders, I’ve found nothing simpler nor more comprehensive than the app Pill & Med Reminder - Medisafe.

It’s easy to set up for either short-term or long term prescriptions. The only area where it falls down is if you are taking a medicine like cortisone whereby you have a steadily decreasing dose over a number of days.

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Similarly I use the app Due for medication reminders

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… and Due is my backup to the Medisafe app, in case I really manage to ignore it somehow :sweat_smile:

Love Medisafe so far! Wish there was a better snooze function but otherwise a fantastic app!