SOLVED! Automate copying cells in Google Sheets

Is there a way to automate copying a selected # of cells from a google spreadsheet? Looking for a solution for both macOS and iOS if possible.

My use case: I frequently send an email to a group of people. That group is constantly changing, and the person in charge of managing the group has given permission to all who utilize this group to a google spreadsheet with a list of the email addresses. I can easily go into google sheets, copy the cells, and paste them directly into the To: field of my mail app, both on iOS and macOS. I would love to set something up so I could get those copies without having to manually open it, copy the right # of cells, etc.

It depends a bit on how the spreadsheet is structured, but I would probably attack this problem with keyboard maestro.

How I would do it is to probably write a macro in the speadsheet to copy the addresses into a single cell as a csv list, or if only the addresses I care about were on said spreadsheet to convert it to a csv document.

Then it should be easy enough to bring the mail application of your choice to the foreground and select the BCC field and paste the addresses in.

There would be other ways of doing this using apple script or something but a simple keyboard macro would probably do the job.

(Note on email, I say you should paste into the BCC field because I used to work in a large organisation and death by reply all was a real problem, I also disliked how it spread around my email, and thus I advocate for as little use of the to and cc fields as possible)

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Thank you. Great ideas. And yes, I always use the BCC field. I wrote the β€œTo:” field in my initial question just to simplify. I hate the massive group emails as well

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