Solution for iOS 14 shortcuts on apple watch

I’ve been on the iOS/iPad OS public beta from the start, and that had the effect that my shortcuts all are on the apple watch now. Does anyone know if there’s a way to automate removing the “add to apple watch” from all shortcuts?

You can remove them all in one go. When in the Apple Watch folder, tap on Select and then Select All followed by Remove and Done.

That will only remove them from the Apple Watch folder.

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super! I didn’t see that at all

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As a matter of interest, is this new in the latest beta?

(I’d heard the complaints but I’m not running any Apple betas.)

Definitely in previous betas as well, I’m pretty sure since the first (public, I don’t know about dev) beta.

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I do vaguely remember seeing it once, but not trying it because I was afraid it would delete all my shortcuts, not just delete them from the apple watch :slight_smile: