Smart notifications for HomeKit

Pushcut now supports HomeKit actions natively.

HomeKit can now send smart notifications for situations where “fully automatic” just is not a good fit.

Check out for a setup guide and let me know what you think!

FYI: I also posted a little demo video on reddit

Can you give me an example scenario?

I like “Turn off office lights at 10 pm?” - because that usually means I left them on. But sometimes I am still in there for a little night action. A little notification comes, and with one tap the matter is dealt with.

The If action in combination with HomeKit accessories is really simple and powerful.

(pardon my German, “Büro Lampe Hinten” -> “Office Lamp”)

HomeKit automation combined with shortcut “If” conditions allow for really specific triggers - like when the last person leaves and there is still a light on -> send notification to ask “Turn it all off?” Or when you leave, on certain days and it is still morning -> ask “Should the Roomba clean today?”

There is also the sunset scenes example at

Really, I would hope to hear examples from you guys - I believe there are many, many possibilities.