Smart lock Yale vs Avia

Hi there, I’m wondering if anyone has a Yale connexis L1 smart lock and if they like it?

I’m based in the UK and have multipoint locked door, which is very common here, it means only certain smart locks work for us. I’ve had the Avia for 6 months and its never worked properly. More to do with mechanical issues, rather than automation and home integration stuff. I’m sending it back as I’m very disappointed with it. It worked will with homekit and the home app.

If you have the Yale Connexis how are you finding it, is it any good and work the money?


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Being also in the UK I have to ask which automation systems th4 various locks work with.

It occurred to me the either day that a lock that works like a car door lock - where you don’t have to put a key into the lock - would be handy.

Obviously I’m at the early stages of researching smart door locks.

And it was insurance companies that required multi-bolt door locks. I think it began in the 80’s. At any rate I had to consider whether my door locks were adequate for insurance purposes then.

I have this lock! I got the Z-Wave module, a Z-Wave stick, and hooked it all up via Home assistant. I then shared it to HomeKit and unlock it by Siri and it works really well.

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Is it feasible to lock & unlock via proximity - as a car’s key fob would do?

So the Avia worked well with HomeKit, iOS and Siri which I use. It could auto open when I arrived home etc. That side of things set up well, except it was never able to actually turn the bolt properly and unlock the door, so in the end I always took my key with me and used that.

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The Avia had a fob you could programme, or could set up a trigger using NFC tag trigger in a shortcut.

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Ok, thanks that’s good to know, I had read somewhere that the L1 app was buggy and hard to use, but I guess that way just buy passes having to use the app.

So as an update to this.

I sent back the Avia smart lock and got a Ultion Smart Lock

This is working really well with my door. I’ve connected it with Homekit, I don’t use the Ultion app. I got the Homekit version, there are two versions of the lock available, the other one is zigbee.

I use some dummy switches in Homebridge to run automatic locking and unlocking when I leave or arrive home, as this isn’t allowed in homekit. Overall I’m very happy with it, installation was easy and its working perfectly.

The Ultion Smartlock works on key operated multipoint locks. The Avia Smartlock works on Lever(handle is raised to engage the multipoints) operated multipoint locks

Thats not right, my Ultion is on a lever multi point door lock.