Small Widget links

I am having an issue just the past few days (am on ios15 beta) where when I click on a small scriptable widget it is not on being the app I want it to open - it only opens Scriptable. I’ve tried changing the Open URL setting and using the url scheme for the app I want to open but it just opens scriptable. It was working fine up until a couple of days ago. Anyone know how I can fix it?

Did you update a beta version during that time? If not, try a reboot.

But, it sounds like you are running into the expected, things don’t work in the beta. These behaviours tend to come with the territory, but are also one of the main things beta testing is for. Normally, you just report the issue to the app developer whose beta app version you would be running. However, and I may be wrong, I don’t think Simon has put out a Scriptable beta for iOS15 as yet. I think he’s only focused on Data Jar so far.

It may be the beta but it was working fine until a couple of days ago when I added a second scriptable widget. I suspect also it is probably the beta and like you said comes with the territory.