Siri Shortcuts: When choosing a contact, how to prompt to select 1 phone number out of all available?

I’m trying to improve a shortcut I made to schedule a call with someone.

What I am trying to do:

Create a shortcut where I can select a contact and have their name and phone number sent to Due to create a reminder to call them at some later time/date.

What I have so far

The first step is “Select Contact” (easy enough).

From there I have a text box which says:

Call ‘[ContactInfo: Full Name]’ at ‘[ContactInfo: Get Phone Number]’

And then that information is send to “Add Due Reminder”

(There are a couple other steps I left out because I don’t think they are particularly relevant. They involve choosing the regular phone app or google voice, which changes the output of the text box, but the underlying problem is still the same)

The Problem

The shortcut works great… as long as the contact only has 1 phone number associated with their contact info. If they have more than one, they all end up getting sent to the rest of the shortcut, which completely breaks things.

(Aside: What’s even worse is that it even includes things like fax numbers, if you have them in the contact info for the person, and there’s no way of telling which number has which label. I realize there may not be any way to solve that with Shortcuts 2.0.)

Thoughts / Ideas that I haven’t been able to make work yet.

There is a shortcut called “Select Phone Number” which seems like it should do what I want, but I don’t think it does. It seems to make me go back into the Contacts list and choose the contact again.

As you can imagine, it’s not particularly efficient to have to choose the same person from the list of contacts twice in a row. It seems like there has to be a better way to deal with this, but so far I’m not finding it.

Does anyone have any ideas, or perhaps has already solved this for themselves?

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You’re correct that you cannot identify the phone numbers by label. But maybe you can trick it by getting only the first number. The drawback is probably it might take some extra work editing the contacts to move the primary number on the top of the list.

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Ooh! That was a good idea!

Not only that, but it led me to an even better idea, and now I have it so that you ARE prompted to choose which number you want to call AND it shows the “label” of the phone number, too!

Thank you! This was just the info I needed, and I didn’t even know it!

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This post and example may help, too

BTW you can see the end result of this question and my eventual shortcut here:

“Due Schedule Call”

Any chance you can post this here as that link seems to be dead.

oh grëat… it looks like just changed the default format of all URLs, so all of my links are now dead.

You can find it at

Thanks so much! I’m so new to this “language” I couldn’t figure out how to make a switch function :slight_smile:

Did you post that link just before moving your blog? :sweat_smile:

Oh probably. I got fed up with for mucking with my Markdown (AND BREAKING MY URLS) and haven’t moved it all over to WordPress.