Siri Shortcuts & Timers?

I’m thinking this isn’t possible, but is there a way to set a timer in a Shortcut? I’m trying to schedule some “downtime”. I’m able to do a quick time calculation to turn on Do Not Disturb for 10 minutes, but then I wanted to also set a timer automatically to prompt me when the time’s up.

I guess I could just set a Reminder instead. Any other options I’m missing?


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Try setting a timer a few times in succession. You can cancel the timer each time - you don’t need to let them run to completion.

Then check the Siri suggestions in Shortcuts. I did it 3-4 times for a 5 minute timer and got this:

Then I could select it as a Siri suggestion in my shortcut.


Thanks! This is such an annoying part of Siri Shortcuts to me. :blush:

I was thinking to do the exact same thing, and it seems totally absurd you can’t set a variable as the timer length. Also, because there’s no clock app on iPad, the clock actions don’t even exist in Shortcuts on that device! WTH.