Siri Shortcuts & OmniFocus Database Objects


I am looking to compile a plain text distillation of tasks from the Forecast view in OmniFocus through Siri Shortcuts. The use-case here is to be able to copy to clipboard a list of tasks to be completed today that I can add to my bullet journal “style” notes app.

The ideal output would be:

[[Task Title]] - [[Project]]
     - Due Date: [[Due Date]]
     - Tags: [[Tags]]
     - Notes: [[Notes]]

Now I can get everything BUT the project title. Here is the shortcut that I am using to get the following:

I have been trying to use the “Database Object” shortcut action, but can’t seem to get the input right, let alone output.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You may find my response to a related post in OmniGroup forum useful.