Siri Shortcuts not staying organised

in David’s new field guide he had problems with organising shortcuts as the app kept putting them in random order.

This is also happening to me in the general release. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I had this earlier today, really annoying having all 50+ of my shortcuts re-arranged especially since I have muscle memory for many of them.

Just happened to me. Over 200 previously organized. Now scrambled. :tired_face:

I reinstalled the app because it was still showing the old Workflow name and icon. When I opened it again all my shortcuts were randomly sorted :confused:

seems the prudent step is wait for an update before reorganizing. I reorganized some of my Shortcuts (again). The organization seemed to stick across devices. I then deleted a couple of Shortcuts and BOOM everything scrambled again.

I’ve also observed multiple crashes of the app while in the Shortcut edit mode. Clearly some app instability.

My advice… don’t waste time organizing right now.

Until this is resolved, you might find some relief with Shortcut Launcher. Note the three videos listed in the Description > More Information section. The Overview will give you a feel for how it works. The demonstration is within the context of the widget, but Shortcut Launcher can also be launched within the Shortcuts App and the Share Sheet.

Wasn’t this resolved back in version 2.1?

Unfortunately some people like myself are still having issues. The order isn’t the problem for me, rather the syncing in general :frowning_face: