Siri Shortcuts and

Since updating to iOS 12, I have not been able to get my previous “Workflow” for creating/saving .pdf’s to my account. Basically, no longer shows up as an available service (only iCloud and DropBox appear). I seem to recall this being an issue previously with iOS 11 and was fixed at some point, but I was wondering if I am just missing somewhere the location for activating as a service within iOS 12/Siri Shortcuts (or whether simply is no longer available). Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



It isn’t a service option in the actions right now, so you can’t automatically save to it, but if you have Box set as a provider in the Files app, you can still manually navigate to it. Here I had iCloud as the save file service, but I can still access Box as a location.

The share sheet would be eanothr option.

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