Siri Shortcuts access to WRITE Lean Body Mass

Hi all,

Here is another issue I am having with Siri Shortcuts and Health app integration:

Recently purchased a balance that automatically measures and weight, body fat percentage and other things. The accompanying app logs this information to my Health app, so far so good. Now, with this data

I can calculate the Lean Body Mass on a regular basis every time I get new measurements using a simple shortcuts. However I cannot automatically log the calculated lean body massaging the Shortcut.
When I add the step to “Log Health Sample” automation and I select lean body mass in the type of sample, I get the message "Health access to Lean Body Mass is off. You can turn on health data categories in the Health app. However this is not possible as I only see shortcuts in the READ section and not in the WRITE section of the Lean Body Mass Data Sources & Access tap.

Any ideas? Am I missing something?


Have you tried running the shortcut once? Maybe it asks then for your permission or it will show up in the Health app afterwards.

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That did it. Thanks.
Here is is for anyone interested.