Siri Shortcut to name and move file

Hi. I would very much appreciate some help.

When I receive an invoice from a supplier as an email attachment in Airmail on my iPhone which could be PDF, Doc, xls or rtf I need to do the following -

  1. Convert it to a PDF (if it isn’t already)
  2. Ask me for to 2 bits of information a) Name and b) Amount (I will have looked at the file and remembered this info)
  3. Rename the PDF as follows: name - 2018-10-31 - £50.00 - Invoice
    (I was asked the name - The date needs to be the last day of the previous month - I was asked the amount - Invoice (this is always standard))
    It would be great if I could dictate the name and amount, but that’s not essential.
  4. Finally the PDF needs to be sent to a certain dropbox folder called Action.
    Hazel then works some magic.

Thank you very much!

This shorcut is set as a share extension for files and PDFs. It will attempt to convert non-PDFs to PDF, work out the last day of the previous month, ask for a numeric (amount) and a text based (name) input, set the PDF object’s name to that specified format (I think) and save it to a folder called “Action” in the root of your Dropbox file system.

Hope that helps.


That is absolutely wonderful! It works perfectly and will save me so much time. I am very grateful!