Siri Shortcut - LEGO Lookup

TL;WR - Find instructions from for those sets where the kids lose the instruction booklet; all of them.

I was on the hunt to find a solution for saving/recalling lego instruction sets for my kids. They lose them all the time.

Unfortunately, Lego doesn’t offer an API nor do they provide a friendly way of finding set instructions programatically. And, for some reason they don’t use the set id as the name for the pdf.

I came across two or three third parties that have an API. I discounted one immediately because it didn’t offer JSON results and it required user credentials and an API key. Too much to deal with. I want to share this with folks without telling them how to get a key and where to sign up and whatnot.

I did find a web page through one of these third parties that used the set id’s as the pdf names! Sweet! I was in! Thing were working… sort-of. The only issue was, it was painfully slow. Painfully. Back to the drawing board.

While back at step 1, I found a neat little link on one of the third party sites that exported all the lego sets in text format with references to’s original pdf I mentioned earlier. Now, it was just a simple matter of doing some regex mapping and viola.

A neat little side effect I wasn’t expecting but turned out to be kinda cool was when I opened the PDFs in iOS Books, it saves them. So, that’s sweet.


Just as an aside, as there’s no automation aspect to this, there is a free iOS app that lets you download the PDF instructions, access a catalogue of pretty much all Lego sets, and importantly for my kids & my sanity, track which sets you have, and which you want.

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Well, crap.

  • Brickset was one of my sources I did end up finding. Never thought to look and see if there was an app out there.
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“There’s an app for that!” lol