Siri - “remind me of this” not working?

Is anybody else getting error messages when they ask Siri to “remind me of this”?

Examples of the errors I get, regardless of what I’m currently looking at:

  • “Uh oh, there’s a problem. Please try again.”
  • “Sorry, something’s wrong. Please try again.”

This happens with web pages, emails, contacts, map locations etc. A restart hasn’t fixed the issue.

Did Apple kill or break the “remind me of this” functionality at some point? I’m on iOS 14.1.

Working fine for me on 14.0.1.

Will update to 14.1 later and check again.

Also working fine for me on 14.1.

Thanks for checking (both times!)

I’ll have to do some googling to figure out how to fix this, since restarts don’t seem to work.

Well there’s always the chance others here on this forum are experiencing the same issue. Maybe they have even resolved it.

Hopefully, others will be able to confirm one way or another.

I tried it today with a web page on my iPhone SE (2nd gen) and it worked, when I said: ‘Remind me of this website’.