Siri, Drafts App and the Apple Watch

On my SiriIsMyFriend blog I recently wrote about the new Siri features in the Drafts app.

However, I was using my Apple Watch recently and discovered that if you do the following:
– initiate Siri on the Watch;

  • Say the following: “using Drafts, create a note about” and then add text

It will create a Drafts note for you which will, of course, synchronise across your devices via your iPhone.

No need to get out your iPhone, just use Siri, the Apple Watch and Drafts.

I mentioned this to David Sparks from Automators and he says:

'That works but I find an even faster trick is to use the Drafts complication. You can set it so it starts recording right after you tap the complication. ’

I hope this is helpful to people who like the Drafts app.


Have they fixed the thing where it freezes and locks up on you yet? That’s one of the main reasons why I tend not to use it this way because I was finding that it froze up on me and then I have no way to continue.

It seems to be fine. I use it all the time. Apologies for the delay in coming back to you. :grinning: