Siri changes DataJar number field to a text field

I have a shortcut to track my starting mileage in a DataJar number field. When invoking the shortcut with Siri, it changes the DataJar number field to a text field and does not place the spoken starting mileage in the field.

When triggering the shortcut manually and typing in the mileage, it works. The shortcut use to work with Siri and now it does not. Any ideas to the problem?

It is often hard to figure out what a shortcut is doing without being able to debug exactly what it is.

My best guess is you have generic input and you can probably force it to be numeric via using a number variable. Typing vs speaking is probably not Casting the text to the same type on different input methods and Shortcuts then just following some internal process that leads to two different outcomes. But that’s just a stab in the dark. It could be something entirely different,

Thanks for your input. I checked my inputs and they are numbers. It is strange it worked for a couple months and then stopped working.