Since iOS 17.4 release, I cannot pick a folder bookmark

Since I updated my iPhone to 17.4 (EU), my Home Screen access to folder bookmarks stopped working. I decided to recreate them, but I can no longer pick the original folders that I was using.

They’re in Cryptomator vaults - lots of apps don’t allow access within one of these, but Scriptable traditionally has. Further, the same links still work perfectly well on my iPad.

I wonder if it’s something anyone else has found, and whether it’s to do with the new EU version, which the iPad isn’t subjected to.

Any help would be cool!


As a first check, browse your file and folders security in Settings. Are all the apps you expect listed there?

Second is your Cryptomator app the same version on phone and iPad?

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Yes and yes. Nothing has changed except what I stated above, everything is as up to date as it can be and fully synced and everything I can think of. When I navigate to the folder the open option is greyed out, like it is with apps that don’t support the feature (Linking to a folder within a Cryptomator folder, that is). Navigating to any other folder outside of that container results in normal behaviour.

Has no one else had this issue?