Simple Work Photo Shortcut

At work I’m always taking pictures and sending them to various clients. I always hate it that these photos clutter up my Photos app. So created a super simple Shortcut that takes a picture and sends it to a list in DataJar. Then I have a Shortcut that gives me a choice of departments to send an email and gets the list of photos in DataJar to select to attach to the emails. And a third Shortcut that will delete all the photos in DataJar. Which I usually do after a month. I created a home Icon right above the camera app so I can quickly take a work photo.

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Very cool idea, but what interests me in addition is where you got/generated those icons from.

They are mostly emojis I got from and turned them into icons. I think now it might be easier to turn emojis into icons using Toolbox Pro but I haven’t played around with it to be sure. Maybe someone else in the forum has?

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Love this idea. It’s a huge problem I run into. Thanks!

Here is my icon maker Shortcut. I’m pretty sure a few actions were ripped off from one of Viticci’s colossus Shortcuts.

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Thanks for sharing that. Goi g to play around with both of these

Hi I’ve successfully created the icons using the shortcut but interested what people use these icon for though and any tips that may help me

The only use case is for Shortcuts I have on the home screen of my iPhone or iPad. I usually don’t include the text because the icons say it all. And it looks cleaner on my all black background.