Simple App - Title and Time Logger Macro for Keyboard Maestro

Hi all,

While busy working at your various computer projects, did you ever ask yourself, “what was I doing a few hours ago?” Maybe you need to know for time tracking reasons… If so, then this simple keyboard maestro macro could be of help.

In addition to Apps like timingapp and Toggl Track etc, I have created a free macro for Keyboard Maestro to help with this issue.

This macro will capture the currently active App, Title and Time Stamp, and save it to a text log file (as JSON or other) at chosen time intervals. This can be helpful when you need to recall what your were working on previously.

This simple log file can be helpful by itself, or the user might consider importing this into a bigger database system if needed.

Feel free to give it a try.


{"date":"06/18/21 12-01-00 PM", "App": "Safari", "Title": "”},
{"date":"06/18/21 12-02-00 PM", "App": "Firefox", "Title": "”},
{"date":"06/18/21 12-03-00 PM", "App": "TextEdit", "Title": "Client Letter.txt”},
{"date":"06/18/21 12-14-00 PM", "App": "System Preferences", "Title": "Accessibility”},
{"date":"06/18/21 12-15-00 PM", "App": "Code", "Title": "index.js — node”},

OR TEXT VERSION OUTPUT… (separated by the pipe character)

06/18/21 12-01-00 PM|Safari|
06/18/21 12-02-00 PM|TextEdit|Client Letter.txt

Nice one!

Not sure I’ll use it, it’ll probably really show me I’m procrastinating on youtube when I should be working on my research :slight_smile:

JKoopmans - Ha Ha! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: yes I imagine it would!