Show results only give me a text alert

Show result doesn’t give me any feedback from Siri. I only get a text alert/ message from the generated input as output.

I am located in germany and my settings are iOS 12 on an iPad Air2.
What am I doing wrong? Or is there a restriction to some hardware? Or maybe some functions not available yet in every country?

I also found a link from somebody else on another forum who seems to have the same problem…

Anyone who have an idea / suggestion to solve this issue?

  1. Are you definitely using show results and not show alert?
  2. Have you got your volume up?
  3. Have you got your device’s mute switch set?
  4. What happens if you use a speak text action in your Shortcut? Does Siri say anything?
  5. Does Siri respond audibly to non-Shortcut requests? e.g. “Hey Siri, what time is it?”
  6. Have you tried reinstalling the Shortcuts app?
  1. Yes, using Show result
    since changing from Workflow to Shortcuts (Kurzbefehle) it is located in german language (by the way possible to change this to english again without switching system language?)

2/ 3/ 5. = possible to ask Siri about actual time and set an alarm for e.g. with feedback from Siri about time or that the alarm is set.

  1. (just tried „Text sprechen“ (speak text) again with setting language to default… Siri replied :grinning: before I used it with the setting (language to german)… so before I didn’t get the typical voice pack of Siri (female)

But I am wondering… for this action there is no information that it give the results back to Siri… or I guess it’s only using the language pack then it’s put to default… I can not even say how it was behaving before Workflow become shortcuts…

But Anyway show result still doesn’t work… at least I am happy that i might be able using speak text with “Siri” ( language pack) for some purposes…

  1. haven’t tried this yet…but might be an option… I will try maybe tomorrow… ( guess my workflows I could all get back by using backup my workflows as zip and import them again… anything that I might loose and don’t get back by deinstalling / reinstall the app ?)

By the way is there an official apple community gallery planned for sharing workflows from users (shortcuts) inside the app with information about author etc. like it had been long time ago in workflow… ( I think it had been removed there too some time ago… (for what reason?) ?

And thank you very much for the quick reply.

@Wolfie: oh ok… I will give this a try

Juhu that’s it. :grinning::+1:t3: Thank you very much.

You also need to ensure that Siri is set to respond verbally always and not just in hands free mode: Settings -> Siri & Search -> Voice Feedback -> Always On