Show image result in Siri?

Hello again! I made a shortcut that uses the scryfall api to search cards. I’ve mostly figured out how to match and show or speak the resulting info.

My question is related to getting an image show be shown when using Siri. So far Siri will open shortcuts since I am using the quick look action. Is there a better way to display the resulting image? Preferably I can avoid opening shortcuts completely.

In the shortcut I have lighting bolt as an example card. But any card should work with the RegEx I put in there. Cancel, counterspell, channel, fireball, etc.


I suspect the “easiest” way to do this will be with Scriptable. I think the way would be to build a webview, and then use WebView.loadHTML(html);. (Documentation. The sample script Countdown to Midnight uses a webview and only has one line of JS in it so might point you in the right direction?